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I've known about the seduction community for quite some time, but it was really The Game that put the whole thing on the map. I remember several friends who were not aware of the community telling me I should "check it out."

Now, I don't know about you, but after I read the book, I had several thoughts about the whole thing.

The first was that I thought Mystery is a deeply troubled soul and that the whole magic thing was a way of getting attention. He never had the love and approval of his Father and I think this situation was the catalyst for that. I found it surprising then, that a whole group of guys -- many of whom come from loving, normal families -- would want to mimmick him.

My next thought was that Tyler Durden was highly manipulative and the epitome of the term "social robot." I think he's since chilled out (living in Hawaii will do that for you) and now does more self-help type stuff. The part of the book where Neil talks about having the essence of his soul taken and copied was disturbing in the extreme. He really did help create a monster.

My final thought about the book relates to Juggler. He seemed the most normal of all the PUAs in the book and after reading his archive at mASF, I studied with him. That was back in 2005, so he was really just gearing up his business, i.e the workshops were cheap. It was a tremendous learning experience.

From there I did a Huna Trance seminar with Moses K and became heavily involved with the cutting edge material from Archer Sloan & Lucas West. I've been fortunate to study with both Archer & Lucas personally and attribute ever major breakthrough I've had to their teachings. Archer in particular is nothing short of a genius.

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