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Detatched intention vs Desperate Interest

By Renegade

This email I want to talk about a big and often confused dilemma facing all of us when interacting women -- how to have detached intention whilst avoiding desperate interest.

The indirect guys do a big song and dance routine pretending that they aren't interested in the target by negging her ad nauseum. The direct guys go straight over and verbalize what they really think about her.

Well, guess what? They are both as bad as each other. She knows you want to sleep with her, so pretending otherwise is insulting her intelligence. She may be flattered at how you struck you are by her beauty, but she hasn't earned it. You just want to sleep with her because she's hot -- you and every other guy she's met since the age of 13.

The key is to have detached intention, but more on that later.

Let's look at desperate interest.

Here are some thoughts you may or may not have had while talking to an attractive woman.

"Man, I need to get laid."
"She's hot, I'd love to bang her."
"I've been searching for a hot blonde like this."
"I gotta get her number/have her now."

If you have and continue to do so, then no question about it, you will be psychically projecting desperate interest. You may as well come out and tell her you just want to get laid, she'll do and whatever you are about to say is an attempt to get her to sleep with you. Using her power of women's intuition to pick up on your psychically projected message, you get blown out and end up feeling shitty about this whole thing.

Trust me, I've been there so know all about it. I also know that detached intention is the way to go.

Let's look at each one separately.

Being detached means you realize there are millions of women in the world and that it's no big deal if for some reason it doesn't work out with the one you happen to be in front of. Being detached means you let go of having to win now and having to sleep with her instantly. You can understand there are any number of factors that can screw you up (logistics is probably the biggest) and that there will be another woman to talk to. This woman will intuit that you have a relaxed confidence about you and start to wonder what makes you tick.

Intention is simply a contract you make with yourself to never give up and never stop having fun. If you fail -- in anything, but in our case when talking to women -- you simply keep trying. You focus on one woman at a time and simply seek to have an easy going and fun interaction with her. Intention also means you become aware of her, aware of what she is sharing with you and telling her you find some aspect of her unique personality/nature as a woman attractive.

The added benefit in doing this is you'll begin to psychically project an energy which is non-needy or desperate and you'll find women start to gravitate towards you.

And putting all this together is the sole purpose of the group.

==> http://puahelpdesk.com/natural-magnet2x.html

Go for it,

P.S I've added in a new page about psychic projection and how to send the perfect signals plus a page on the different types of women out there. I know there will be some questions, so I'll incorporate the answers into the audio for each.

P.P.S Work continues on Unlocking the Female Mind. So far, I'm up to 80 pages at the Google group and there will be at least 20 audios. I will also have an ebook summary version of the whole thing, but the Google group will have everything in full detail. I'm burning the midnight oil to get the group part finished by the 24th. Stay tuned.

Here's some brief feedback from Dave on a few of the pages:

Translating the Real Meaning -- One of the best parts that I read.
Women's Secret Language -- Very good.
Translating What a Woman Says -- Excellent. Worth the price of admission.
Types of Dates Women Have -- This is good. Left me wanting more.

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Renegade runs http://puahelpdesk.com and is dedicated to the study Charisma/Personal Magnetism. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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