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Good Vibrations

By Renegade

I'm assuming you've at least heard of "The Pickup Artist" on VH1. if you haven't seen it yet, there are a lot of hightlights at youtube.com

I'm not going to reveal anything about the outcome of the show, however on last weeks episode there were several things that really caught my attention. The first came as Mystery was explaining day game approaches.

He called "excuse me," the Vagrant's opener and went on to say, "she's going to be threatened and freaked out."

Excuse me?

Fact is, if you have a warm and friendly vibe, you can open with ANYTHING. It all comes back to the outer game vs inner game approach to learning this. I just assume I'll get a great response and my vibe projects that.

The second comment that stood out came from Matador.

"It doesn't look like he's communicated his interest in her. You need to make a statement of interest. I like you."

I was taken aback -- an indirect guy espousing the benefits of being direct, but I couldn't agree more. The best time for this to come out is when she has shared something unique about herself you genuinely appreciate. Then it will make sense to her and feel justified. She will feel like you "get her."

But how can you get to such a point, when your attitude is one of this:

"I spit great game. I had a great performance."

Be original.
Be yourself.
Be the charismatic guy you know you already are.

That's the guy women want to meet and ultimately sleep with.

And this is how you finally become him...

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Go for it,


Renegade runs http://puahelpdesk.com and is dedicated to the study Charisma/Personal Magnetism. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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