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Discover How To Become
A Naturally Magnetic Male &
Attract Everything You Desire
In 15 Clear-Cut Steps By
Combining The Most Effective
Charisma Techniques AND A Secret
Every Drug Dealer Uses...

Progressive Conditioning

You're About To Learn
Exactly How I Became
*Charismatic* -- Magnetic &
Attract People Instantly...

The Naturally Magnetic Male
Conditioning System

From: Matt Melcher
San Francisco, 11:13pm

Dear Friend,

If you are as much a student of charisma/persuasion/personal magnetism as I am, you've probably spent a lot of time searching for valuable information.

Since I personally can't stand having my time wasted, I'm not going to waste yours. So before you go ahead and read the rest of this page, let me tell what this system is not:

An 80 page ebook of fluff hiding 1 paragraph of valuable information
One lame line/outfit/technique/gimmick that solves everything
A program that requires no effort on your behalf
A program that won't force you to confront your weaknesses
A program that is 90% reading and 10% practice

This system is all about
Practice not Reading
and making a...

Permanent Internal Change

"This is one of the most impressive 'seduction' products I've seen in a LONG time - this guy speaks the truth - so LISTEN!

Jack Ellis -- Mind Control 101

I've been cashing in big time both personally and professionally using the most effective Charisma Techniques and the magic of Progressive Conditioning. Now I want to share it with you.

Click the link below to receive a free PDF report on: The Naturally Magnetic Male instantly.

As you read on, let me ask you to think about these questions:

Do you know where you want to go?
Where are you on that path right now?
How do you plan to get there?
Will you start on the path, but for some reason fail?
Will you give up when things get tough and settle for less than you really want?

Your answers will be based on "your own experience," but the sad reality is very few know, and many are prepared to settle for much, much less than they really want.

But are you even curious?

Or do you accept the well worn chestnut that lame gimmicks or good looks or money are needed to be a magnetic male because it lets you off the hook?

Fact is, if you aren't willing to do the drills and put in the time to learn more about yourself, this is not for you. Go to the nearest mall and buy a pink feather boa, a pair of leather chaps, a cowboy hat and a set of goggles. There is nothing for you to see here, and besides, you've got groupies to meet. Thanks for your time anyway.

But if you are interested in
Permanent Internal Change,
please read on.

Ok, you're still reading, so I'm going to assume you don't want to dress like a clown or simply annoy 98% of the people you encounter with your self-absorbed, arrogant attitude that isn't funny. Leave that to the birds...

Let's get to it.

In all my time reading news online, I'm yet to see anything about an acute shortage of drug dealers or drug dealers being fired for poor sales. And I won't, because the way they go about their business really works.

And it's not really a big secret after all, in fact it's obvious and makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Progressive Conditioning...

They always start out small. "Try a little bit and see how you like it, hey this one is even on me." Next time the person comes back, they get a little bit more and a little bit more and gradually over time, they have an addicted person on their hands.

Drug dealers also know that the people who buy the drugs will also use them, they will consume the product and be back for gradually more and more each time.

This system is about just that -- gradually adding in the skills, traits and micro calibration i.e. "consuming" the right knowledge to make you a Naturally Magnetic Male.

It's also very much about Application.

The seduction/persuasion industry has basically 2 schools of thought. The first is based on a set of gimmicks or a method. You change one thing, you add in one thing, i.e, a magic bullet and if you persevere long enough you end up with a girl who may or may not be what you really want.

School 1 says here's the method. Now off you go with no real structure for improvement or support.

But worse than this, it fails to understand the most important thing of all...

Very few people will have an Inner Game breakthrough because of a gimmick.

It's a highly individual thing, which is why the only consistent way to achieve it is through the second school, based on Internal Change. Not surprisingly, this group is not as popular, as complete transformation requires a lot of effort. It also requires you to really think about your strengths, weaknesses and insecurites. About what you really want in a woman, about what you personally consider deal breakers, and how important they are, regardless of how attractive she may be.

I believe in providing the basic core skills you need but also the guidance on how to apply them.

Because as the sun sets, the fat lady sings and every other cliche expression rings in your head...

Application is what it's all about.

All you need is 90% practice and 10% knowledge to succeed VERY quickly.


I have been on a rampage. 10's. Fucking 10's. I have picked up a few absolute stunners. The best women in the club. Everyone is looking at her including the girls and I walk up. Boom. Kissing her 20 minutes later. She was 100% sober. I got her number and organised a date. I have another 10 I'm going on a date with on Wednesday.

I'm really starting to get it now. And its repeatable. I have done it 50 times with 10's in the past 2 weeks and I've had to turn down numbers etc. This is getting mad. An obsession. I'm even getting in a bit of trouble at work. I can't concentrate on it and so haven't signed anything up. Meeting hot women is all I can think about.


Whilst I'm pleased with his excellent results, he's going to hear the following re-enforced from me:

These skills are for your life --
every part of it, not simply women.

They can be applied equally in any work or social situation, regardless of whether you're wearing a suit or sweatpants. They can be to get the best deals when shopping, at the check in counter, anywhere you interact with another person. In other words...

To get you special treatment.

If you are committed to self-analysis, an honest discussion of your own faults, failings, strengths, and best qualities -- the corner stones of Confidence and the key to achieveing your own Inner Game breakthrough -- this system is for you.

Myself and a group of other like minded men will assist you in discovering who you really are and putting that out there in your world.

The ebook has 58 pages and includes all of the following:

There are 3 layers incorporated into to the system:

15 core skills
15 natural traits
15 micro-calibration skills

When you do the drills, you get the skills, and also:

a level of confidence you never thought possible
a real understanding and comfort with who you are as a person
the confidence and knowledge to start speaking to anyone you want to
a conversation strategy so effective, you'll never have to worry about things to say ever again
the skills to sexually escalate an interaction, so you are never left in the friends zone again
a vibe that sub-communicates you are comfortable in your own skin

And all this will allow you to become:

the kind of guy who women will say "gets it"
the kind of guy who can befriend people effortlessly
the kind of guy with a real presence people notice
and most importantly...

The kind of guy who is...

Naturally Magnetic

But it won't happen by magic. It's even better than that.

It's Progressive Conditioning.

Hi Renegad,

I can certainly tell you're getting me on the right track. I'm an attorney caught up in logic and analysis.

But, I don't need to change a woman's mind, I need to change the way she feels. I need to get out of my head and more into my heart.

Great feedback on my initial interview response. Better value already than programs I've paid several hundreds of dollars for!

Thanks Matt!

Hi there, great fantastic, really like the way this is presented.

Hey Matt,

I just checked Day 1 and so far it sounds excellent, very detailed and descriptional. Great job on putting this whole thing together.


Click Here Now To Harness The Power Of Progressive Conditioning And The Best Charisma Techniques.

When you are standing at the bottom, 15 steps to the top looks a long way away. But you take that first step, then another and another and before you know it, you are half way. The top is well within reach and it is the bottom step that looks distant.

To truly improve and master something, I think it’s necessary to start each day from the perspective of a student -- focussed on just one step, and committed to mastering that step before moving on to the next one.

Yes, you will have to talk to women.
Yes, you will have to overcome your fears, but with the beauty of progressive conditioning, we start out at the most basic level and go from there.

Perhaps the greatest element of progressive conditioning is that progress creeps up on you slowly until one day you notice yourself talking with the hottest women in the place and realize you didn't even think twice about it. You simply saw her, observed something, then walked over.

I should warn you that I have deliberately made this as simple as possible. What is in the system represents the tip of the ice berg. There will be an advanced group where we will up the ante and introduce the very best from the trance/mind control fields. We introduce Feminine Sexuality. We introduce the Dark Side material. It can be used for good or evil, which is why it will only be introduced at an appropriate time and to sufficiently advanced people.

Click Here Now To Harness The Power Of Progressive Conditioning And The Best Charisma Techniques.


Matt Melcher


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