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Rules of a Wingman

By Renegade

This email is about the Rules of a Wingman. A friend of mine I have known for years, who was also the inspiration for "The Problems with Negs/Cocky Funny," sent me this email yesterday:

"We'll have to go out and meet some women together. I'll only do that with you this time if you follow these rules though:

...Once a target is picked its that persons. No grass cutting. I wont cut yours at all either. I have plenty of women and can get plenty more without infringing on yours.

...Always introduce me with a massive compliment to me. "This is my friend X. He's the funniest guy I know" or "This is my friend X, he dated a super model". I will do the same for you.

...Stop me from getting drunk. You have to remind me every 20 minutes to slow down on the drinks. I get carried away and cease being able to speak or stand up, not good for pick up.

...I am always right. And so are you. Never take the girls side. You would much rather take my side than hers. And vice versa. We're smart guys at the top and she's wrong.

I'm sure there are some others too."

My initial response was this:

"Where did you come up with these bullshit rules? I'm assuming it's a joke. I only worry about a warm vibe and having fun."

But it made me think, so I just finished another reply:

"This has been a good exercise for me to clarify all this in my mind.

When you are speaking with a potential client, do you neg them about their business acumen or say cocky/funny things about debt? Why not?

At the risk of sounding like Yoda here, you're being psychologically incongruent. I think you can be the same with everyone, the only difference with women is that you have to escalate when the windows present themselves. What woman doesn't want a warm and genuine connection with a guy who understands her? Every single model interviewed in Men's mags says the same thing -- "I just want a guy I can be myself around."

It's exactly the same for your customers -- they also want someone who cares about their situation and them as people.

I also think you are underestimating women a lot. Have you ever considered the fact they know you are full of shit, don't believe a word of what you say, but because you are clean/good looking/ dressed well/can escalate AND they want to get laid, they go along with it?

There may very well be no end to the number of women you can pick up in this manner, but you will never create a genuine connection with them. You will lose her every time. It's simply a momentary buzz and a distraction from whatever unfulfilled needs she really has.

The negs also assume she has way more value than you do. You need to bring HER down to match your level. But on the flip side, if I already have more value than her, then I need to disqualify myself (i.e be real) to show that I am comfortable with who she really is.

I don't believe in marking targets, after all, we're not dogs pissing on fence posts. You can't make a putt break against the slope. This also overlooks the most powerful approach out there -- a woman already with a guy.

If drinking is a problem, then don't drink at all. It's a personal responsibility. Same for getting into fights. If you can't fight, then don't provoke drunken, sexually frustrated assholes in bars.

As for the accomplishment introductions -- a Mystery thing, if you already ARE the funniest person on earth or you already DO go out with models, nothing will need to be said -- you will already project it. Confident adult men walk over and introduce themselves. An accomplishment intro is simply a tool for people will low value.

Fact is, there are thousands of guys running Mystery method, opinion openers, negs and cocky funny. As a result, it's become generic and my understanding has always been the PUA does the opposite of what everyone else is doing."

So where do you fit in? What do you think a wing should do? Do you also think his rules are bullshit or do you live by them?

I look forward to your feedback on this.

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Go for it,


Renegade runs http://puahelpdesk.com and is dedicated to the study Charisma/Personal Magnetism. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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