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Solve the Mystery

By Renegade

Let me tell you two little secrets about becoming a Naturally Magnetic, Charismatic person. They seem obvious, and you've probably heard them before, but few people actually do them. See if you can figure them out before I tell you what they are.

Here's your first clue:

It's not by accident or luck that I've landed big website jobs, met and spent time with quality women and reached the level of personal magnetism that I have today.

I didn't wake up one morning and suddenly become Charismatic.

It took progressive steps, hard work, self-analysis and persistence.

The concept of Progressive Conditioning has been one of the important factors to my success in life. I don't focus on "women" or "money." Instead, my focus has been on gaining skills, knowledge and applying it. Charisma just seems to come automatically as a result.

But I certainly wasn't born with this ability. I've had a lot of help from mentors and friends to see and clear out my limiting beliefs about attracting what I want.

Did you get the first secret? Here's the second secret...

I'm an ordinary person just like you. I don't have the intelligence of Einstein. I'm not a mathematical genius (I had a tutor). I don't have the enormous creative ability of Leonardo DaVinci. I'm not a computer programmer or a tech genius.

I've simply done the work to get where I am today.

You may not know I am a prodigious reader. I've read hundreds of books. Whenever I take on something new I learn everything there is to know about it. I read books, I find experts for help and I take action.

And it's my burning desire to be successful that keeps me constantly looking to improve and take action, everyday.

That's it. Did you get them?

Here they are:

Secret #1 - Focus on skills instead of end results

Secret #2 - Follow a step by step plan and take action. Do whatever it takes and get the support you need to achieve results you really want.

Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

It doesn't have to take you 5 years to get the results you want. I've developed a system that allows you to focus on skills and overcome the barriers that may have stopped you from getting the results to change your life.

It's called The Naturally Magnetic Male Conditioning System:

==> http://puahelpdesk.com/natural-magnet.html

Go for it,


Renegade runs http://puahelpdesk.com and is dedicated to the study Charisma/Personal Magnetism. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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