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Staying Objective

By Renegade

I wrote the following in reponse to a guy who has recently joined the Naturally Magnetic Male Conditioning System Members Group. Rather than just include this information at the group, I wanted to share it with you. It also includes some bonus references to the exercise for Day 1.


"Hey Renegade,

I just checked Day 1 and so far it sounds excellent, very detailed and descriptive. Great job on putting this whole thing together.

This past friday i went clubbing by myself, that was the first time in my entire life i had fun at a club! not approaching, not trying to talk to every girl, just chilling by the bar listening to music and talking to women i WANTED to talk to. yeah it still didnt go anywhere but who cares, i had fun!!!

im not anywhere near where i want to be in life even though i have come a long way.

Thanks for your help so far.


When I really thought about what had helped him and what I do unconsciously, it is Staying Objective...

In order to observe and to verbalize what we observe, we need to remain objective. Sounds easy, but easier said than done when you consider the 4 states of mind that erode our ability to be objective.

1. Emotionally invested
2. Needy
3. Fearful
4. Defensive

Let's examine each one individually.

1. Emotionally invested. If you are emotionally invested in something, it takes on gargantuan proportions. The more invested you are in a particular outcome, the more likely you are to behave irrationally. To begin with -- as we are -- avoid situations where you may feel pressured. Walking over to strike up a conversation with an attractive woman can cause pressure whereas walking over and asking what time it is should not. Another way this manifests is by convincing yourself you have feelings for a strange woman. You simply can't because you don't even know her. All you have is a curiosity about her as a person and an observation in mind.

2. Needy. A motivated seller never gets the best deal. Our thirst for instant gratification causes us to make bad decision after bad decision purely out of neediness. When you are hungry, everything looks delicious -- the key is to have a snack to fill up before making any snap decisions. Ask yourself if you would make the same decision if you had unlimited time.

3. Fearful. We are afraid of many things, of doing the actual thing, then of the consequences from doing it. Many people are afraid to leave their job or afraid to leave their relationship because they fear not being able to find suitable replacements. The key to managing fear is to determine why we are afraid and how other people can help to cause or eliminate it. A good exercise with this is to write a list of all the painful things that may happen as a consequence of doing this thing and a list of all the painful things that may happen as a result of not doing this thing. You'll have knowledge about your fears and you can use that knowledge to gather more objective information before making your decision. If you observe a woman who is aggressive to everyone, you can predict her behavior and respond accordingly. Knowledge is power and coming from a place of power will crush any fear.

4. Defensive. When someone hits a nerve, we feel the rage start to boil within us and any chances of remaining objective evaporate. If you are dealing with a hostile or aggressive response, the key is to listen and observe, so you can understand what it is you will be responding to. When you do that, your response will be so much more effective. Open your ears and your mind and respond intelligently in a calm manner. The fact you have listened and can see objectively where that person is coming from will only highlight how intelligent and calm you really are.

Putting it all together.

With this new information in mind, the best way to maintain a mindset of objectivity is to start over. Erase the stereotypes and the other mental short cuts you have in place. Imagine you are from another planet, a person with no preconceived ideas or prejudices about race, sex, age, nationality, socio-economic status or appearance. Force yourself to confront your biases and it will allow you to step in mentally and stop them from coming up.

Finally, observe more details about the person before deciding anything -- remember, it can take a lot of information before you can accurately evaluate them or the situation.

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Go for it,


Renegade runs http://puahelpdesk.com and is dedicated to the study Charisma/Personal Magnetism. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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