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Improving on Purpose

By Renegade

A few months ago, I caught up with a new male friend of mine. We had met out and about and had struck up an interesting conversation about charisma and personal magnetism.

I like to think he felt I had something to offer, as we kept in regular email contact and he often asked my advice about certain elements of developing charisma.

Prior to meeting up, he said he had been working on a few things and was ready to apply that knowledge. The first bar we went to was quiet, so the waitress came to out table to take our order. Away he went, smiling, using kino, and generally being friendly with a flirty vibe.

She took his order, then asked mine, so I took a different approach. I was real and put myself out there -- made myself vulnerable in a sense -- by saying things that I knew she could judge me for. But she didn't, she laughed, touched and responded positively.

While she was gone, we talked about putting yourself out there and he said it was something he needed to work on and asked me how I'd done it.

"Drills," I said. "I found every emotion word I could and wrote out a story about when I felt that way. For many of them, I had to look them up in the dictionary -- I didn't even know what it meant to feel that way."

"A funny thing will happen when you do that," I said, "it unlocks a part of your soul and allows others to see inside -- to see the real you. And when they can see into your soul, by the law of reciprocation, they will let you into theirs by sharing their genuine self."

He was taken aback by that for a few moments, until the waitress came back with our drinks. He continued talking with her, this time saying "he felt great to be here with such a cute waitress." Then silence.

After she left, I told him the compliment was fine, but ending on it was too much for her. The energy suddenly shifted when he left it out there hanging in the breeze. I said I would demonstrate the next time she came back. Sure enough, she returned a short while later, even though we had barely touched the 2nd beer. I observed a ring she had touched and asked her about it. She revealed it was a special gift from her late Grandmother, and how much it meant to her. I rewarded her character and moved past it, going back to something I'd said earlier that was a little lighter.

She was all smiles and touchy as she walked away. I then put out an observation I'd had about him. He is financially successful in the IT world and that success has come from efficiency and a real knack of locating the necessary talent where applicable. I told him I sensed he was trying to also outsource this area of his life.

He agreed 100%, and then went into how powerful it was to be observant, share emotions and details and be vulnerable at times. He said he had just seen first hand the value in the drills I had been talking about. He said I should be teaching this.

Finally, he said what I had been doing was improving on purpose.

And it's so true, but all I had done was take 15 core skills, 15 natural traits and 15 mico-calibration skills, split them up into 15 steps and surrounded it with progressive conditioning. He was focussed on steps 11 through 15, yet really needed to spend the time on the early steps and master those before moving forward.

And now I share it with you...

The Naturally Magnetic Male Conditioning System.

==> http://puahelpdesk.com/natural-magnet.html

Really think about what it means to start at the most basic level and progress from there -- to improve on purpose.

Go for it,


Renegade runs http://puahelpdesk.com and is dedicated to the study Charisma/Personal Magnetism. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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