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The Problem with Negs/Cocky Funny

By Renegade

Cocky funny, Negs, teasing -- they are all weapons in the indirect arsenal. They let you off the hook and make it all about her. Maybe some of it is funny, maybe it isn't. The one thing that is certain is that you are cutting yourself out as a topic of conversation. It is all about the material or the cocky funny. When that runs out, so does your time with the girl. You've hit a brick wall. Let me illustrate.

I have a good friend who is good looking, wealthy and super-arrogant. We've had a few arguments in the past where I told him to dial it in a notch. On both occasions he said he wanted to fight me, but common sense prevailed and we moved on. In my mind, he has put in a 51% effort when it comes to learning charisma and as a result, he consistently lasts 3 weeks with women. He can meet them, most of them actually don't sleep with him, but some do. They all get bored once he runs out of material and they realize there is nothing behind it.

But here's the thing -- there is no future to it. He's like the fat kid at karate class who will only ever be a yellow belt -- deep down he doesn't want to change.

I recently read the following quote in reference to the famous one from Sigmund Freud: "Men and women actually want the same thing - the chance to get to know each other better through respectful dialogue."

If you have no personality, no connection with who you really are as a man, then keep going with the cocky funny. If not, be real and be honest both with yourself and others.

I know some very confident people and they don't hide things. They are comfortable in their own skin. They are genuine and I feel genuine around them. The constant hoops, the constant evasion of the truth will only make her realize the lines, the arrogance and the jokes mask insecurity. This is the by- product of the fake it till you make it mantra.

How about the statement we've all heard -- cocky funny and negs will only get you LSE trash? There are no absolutes in life, but let me share a personal experience. I became involved with a Canadian dancer a few years ago. We met in one country, then again in another and decided to do some business things together in addition to the physical. Long story short, her inability to complete a task and her flakiness with doing the work really annoyed me. At one point, I decided to hit her with some hardcore Negs/Cocky Funny by constantly busting on her, calling her retarded, etc, etc. We happened to be on the way to a restaurant at the time and she revealed my talking to her like that was really turning her on. It reminded her of being a child and the only time she felt love was when either one of her parents put her down in a similar way, i.e lowered her self esteem. It was the turning point for me and from that moment on, I decided I didn't need to resort to such a tactic in order to get laid and that I would never again get involved with a person with more problems than I do.

Negs also assume that she is much higher value and that bringing her down will even the playing field. Well, I already am high value. I give approval by being real and rewarding her for being the same. I can create a genuine connection with someone and for the DHV inclined, this is much more powerful to the social creatures that women are than a David Bowie story or magic trick.

It can also be used in life. No room for a neg in a job interview. How about cocky funny going through airport Immigration?

The power of being real.

I was talking to a woman recently when a guy interrupted with an opinion opener. I waited for him to get half the question out -- to her of course, not to me, then I interrupted him. I said I was sure I'd seen him somewhere. He finished his question, then I responded. That's an interesting question, but tell us first, how do you feel about it?

Silence... I guess he didn't know what his own answer to that question would be. Looking back, it was one of the most powerful ways to blow a guy out. I was simply being genuine, but he came off as weird for not answering.

But are you also this guy?

One path is to hide behind lines, routines and gimmicks, but is that what you really want to do for the rest of your life? Or do you want to finally become comfortable with yourself and unafraid to express who you really are to the people around you?

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Go for it,


Renegade runs http://puahelpdesk.com and is dedicated to the study Charisma/Personal Magnetism. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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